Q: Is there any cost associated with creating a foundkarma account and receiving an identification number?
A: No, users only have to pay for what they purchase in the foundkarma store. Generating an ID# and using foundkarma is a free service that allows you to provide an additional layer of protection to valuable items.

Q: Can I create a foundkarma account without having or using my facebook account?
A: Currently the only way to register and establish a foundkarma account is to use facebook. This will not give a finder of your item access to any of your personal facebook information, but it will allow the finder to message your facebook account through foundkarma.

Q: Is foundkarma responsible for the recovery of a lost item?
A: foundkarma is a service that connects the loser and the finder of an item. We in no way take responsible for the recovery of any item.

Q: If I buy a product through the foundkarma store, will it have my ID # printed directly on item or will it just simply send the item with a sticker?
A: The foundkarma store allows users to purchase items and have the personal identification number printed directly on the item. So your case or lanyard will have your ID printed directly on the item.

Q: What type of information will a finder have access to after entering my ID# into the “Report a Found Item” section?
A: After entering your ID# into the “Report a Found Item” section, the finder will simply be given the ability to message your facebook account. From here it is up to you to connect with the finder and retrieve your lost item. We at foundkarma want this to be as safe of a service as possible and encourage people to take all precautions they feel necessary in maintaining their safety. Most items are simply mailed back to the original owner which will clearly require you to provide a mailing address to recover the lost item. Figuring out the best way to recover your lost item is up to you as well as dealing with any costs associated in the recovery of the item. (ie: the expense of shipping an item back to its original owner) The message section sends an email to the email address attached to your facebook account. Please make sure that all of your facebook email information is up to date with current email addresses to ensure that you receive the message in the event of a lost item.

Q: What are the most popular items tagged through the foundkarma service?
A: Cell Phones Keys Tablets Cameras