Our Story
foundkarma was founded in 2011 as the 21st Century Lost & Found solution to recover misplaced mobile devices, cameras, keys, luggage, and other important personal belongings.  Our team’s mission is to provide a free service that utilizes the connective power of facebook and enhance everyone’s ability to retrieve or return lost valuables. 

Throughout the years, we have all found ourselves in situations where we have stumbled upon someone else’s lost item whether it be in the back of a cab, on the floor at a party, or at a ball game with our family.  Often times there is no way to return these items to their rightful owner.  foundkarma provides a platform that solves this problem while continuing to maintain each party’s personal privacy in a fashionable way.  It also provides the individual who has lost an item the ability to reward someone else’s good deed.

Our solution is to give individuals the ability to TAG their personal valuables with foundkarma identification numbers.  The foundkarma team has strived, from the beginning, to provide users with a safe solution that allows its members to conceal their personal information (IE: name, address, phone number) while dramatically increasing one’s likelihood of recovery.  Thus, you do not simply write your name and phone number on all of your valuables.  You Tag them!  This service is completely dependent upon the goodness and kindness of our neighbors.

foundkarma is a five member team with friendships that go back over 20 years.  Our friendships all started during school, but were solidified on the athletic fields and courts of high school and college.  foundkarma was built and developed at night and on weekends as we all work day jobs to support the growth of our new company.  We thank you for visiting our website and for spreading our concept among your friends.

We truly hope that you enjoy the benefits of our hard work and creativity!